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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to live at the iHouse?
Cost varies from room to room. Currently, the price for each person is $925 plus utilities for a shared room. The prices for single rooms range from $1025 to $1425 plus utilities.

Does my monthly occupancy fee include food?
No, your occupancy fee does not include any food.

Are the rooms fully furnished?
Yes, all the rooms are fully furnished with a bed, table, chair, table lamp and dresser. There is a shared bathroom on each floor.

Will I have a roommate if I live at the iHouse?
The iHouse only has 3 shared rooms with two persons in each room.

Do all the residents share the bathroom?
Yes, each floor has its own bathroom. The first level has one bathroom for two single rooms. The second level has two bathrooms for one single room and three shared rooms. The third level has one bathroom for two single rooms.

Does the iHouse have laundry facilities?
A coin-operated washing and drying machines are available at $2.50 per load for washing and $2.50 for drying.

How long do I have to sign a contract?
Usually for the whole academic year (one-year contract); sometimes a six-month contract is permitted.

What happens if I break my contract?
You will lose your security and key deposit and be liable for the remainder of the monthly occupancy fees.

Are there any community involvement requirements for living at the iHouse?
(1) A brief house meeting once a month
(2) A household cleaning day, once every six months.
(3) Assigned weekly cleaning duties

Does the iHouse have internet access?
A wireless, high speed internet network is provided free of charge throughout the entire house.

Can I get a phone line in my room?
No, there is no phone line in any of the rooms.

Which countries do iHouse residents come from?
We had residents from Sweden, Mexico, Indonesia, Zimbabwe, India, Germany, Chile, Japan, France & Ghana. Since our inception, we have hosted people from more than 45 countries.

May I have visitors or guests if I stay at the iHouse?
Yes. Residents may have visitors at the iHouse. Overnight guests are restricted to family members in the single rooms, subject to the approval of the Director. No overnight visitors are permitted in the shared rooms.

Who runs the iHouse?
The iHouse is owned by a non-profit organization, and a director is responsible for running all programs and activities.

Do I have to be a Christian to live at the iHouse?
No. The iHouse is opened to all international students (undergraduates, graduates, and researchers from all religious backgrounds and affiliations.) We only ask that each resident be respectful of the beliefs, opinions and religious practices of the other residents.

What are the other benefits of living at the iHouse?
The best benefit is the family-like atmosphere for building friendships. The director is available to answer questions and help in the adjustment to American life and culture.