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The iHouse is a wonderful home away from home for international students. A warm and caring atmosphere to experience hospitality and make new friends -- Samantha (Zimbabwe)

I had a great time in the iHouse, everything was always clean because of the duties, there were a lot of events organized and I met some amazing people -- Vera (Holland)

I had a positve experience living in the iHouse because there is no better way to get to know new cultures than living with internationals in one big house. I made some good friends quite easily -- Dominika (Germany)

It was a very good experience to live here. I highly recommend internationals to reside here! People are nice and kind to each other.
-- Xiao-Peng (China)

It was amazing. It was like that I have another family in San Francisco. -- Meena (Korea)

The iHouse is not only a place for me to live, I called it my "home". I would love to come back again if I have the opportunity. -- Fah (Thailand)